Fitness Club.

I want to be not just a sport, but slim and healthy. To fitness brought great benefits to the health and figure, it is important to eat right. But often, for many girls is a big problem drawing fitness food menu, in which we decided to help our female readers site in Europe

The main rules in the preparation of food Fitness for girls

Fasting is forbidden!

It is important to recall that fitness - this exercise, which the body requires additional food resources. After all, the food - it is not a means to comfort himself when bored or sad, and not just a need. The food - this is for muscle building elements, vitamins and minerals for the recovery of the body after exercise is carbohydrates for strength and courage during the occupation, and more. About harm of fasting during fitness loads can be read here.

On the day should be less than 5 meals

This important rule is taken from the basics of healthy nutrition, to fitness, it also has a direct relationship. Doctors estimate that the metabolic and regenerative processes in the body are correct only if the five meals a day. This is very important during exercise and in order to lose weight. Thus fitness drink is separate meal, as well as 1-2 and muesli bars. You need to strictly distribute food at receptions and snacking in between. Meals usually either classical (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks), or equal to the volume. If desired, and if possible, you can eat 6-7 times a day (it's okay if you need to further adjust the digestion).